Room’s Edition – Mudroom

This room in certain parts of the country – think rain, snow, mud – (or anywhere if there are children and pets involved) this is the hardest and one could argue most important room in the house. Where you enter, exit, drop, dress, launder, on top of housing sports gear, outdoor gear, good weather gear, poor weather gear, sunscreen, beach towels, extra household items…you get the idea. A LOT goes on in this “never big enough” space. Where a foyer is about pretty, a mudroom is all function first.

Hanging Storage – Hooks

Nothing is easier for children and adults alike than storage hooks. Walk in, hang your coat, backpack, work bag etc. Single hooks, double hooks, metal hooks, wood pegs – another “every option for every style and budget” item. When it comes to hooks, you need to think a bit about how they’ll be used in terms of weight. Installing a hook into drywall can support light items, but if you’re thinking your 8th graders backpack, you’ll want to put thought here. It’s simple too, run a wall to wall piece of stock 1×4″ wood from your local hardware store, securely mounted to the wall and then your hooks installed onto this piece. This type of install also allows you to space the hooks where you want and not rely on finding studs for weight support.

Storage – Open

The next greatest mudroom open storage item are open cubbies. These can be used for everything from shoes to housing pretty baskets to hide all kinds of items – think hats, gloves to beach towels and sunscreen. I also like that these baskets can be swapped out seasonly.

Closed – Storage

Even if your guests aren’t entering here, you are! Create ways to keep it clutter and mess free with closed storage options. Regardless of whether or not your mudroom has a closet, stock cabinets are a great closed storage option to house various everyday items. To name a few in my mudroom cabinetry – sunscreen; cleaning supplies, everyday tools, shipping tape, rainy day dog towels and other pet items like leashes, waste bags etc, bulky kitchen overflow items, and reusable shopping bags. I also recommend a tall storage cabinet for cleaning items, think taller to house brooms, vacuum, and shelves for spray bottles, buckets, etc. For my cabinetry, and not much budget left over from my build, I went budget with stock cabinets from Lowe’s, ordered online pre-assembled and I hired a local carpenter to install. Not quite custom, but certainly checks all of the boxes for my family.

Cabinetry – Custom vs Stock

Cabinetry can be found in any shape, size and budget. A carpenter or a professional cabinetry company can give you a completely custom solution allowing you to perfectly address your needs and create a look that blends seamlessly with the rest of your home’s decor and style. Most stock options are widely available and offer easy assembly and installation. Some local hardware stores offer installation options as well. For those on a creative budget, a quick Google search online for “Ikea Hack” will show you endless ways to repurpose stock cabinets and bookcases that will greatly expand your storage options and in my opinion, after a great paint job, you’d never know where they came from! Style and storage for the win!

Benches & Baskets

Love me a great bench, any day anywhere. They are so versatile. They serve as a perch to put your boots on, a dropping surface upon entry, and with so many design styles out there, they’re a lovely decorative addition too. I prefer using a bench that is completely open underneath for baskets. Here, I use baskets for the everyday items like flip flops, sneakers, hats and mittens, dog leashes and toys. These items are at your fingertips though elegantly disguised.


I feel like this simple item comes with strong opinions! For me, it’s the slim velvet hangers in my closet but, in a mudroom where we’re storing jackets and coats, I want something stronger. My go to is a basic wood hanger. You can find these everywhere, though my tried and true are the Ikea Bumerang, 8 for $8.99. Every once in a while I’ll stumble upon a retail going out of business sale and this is a GREAT chance to buy some really heavy duty hangers for pennies on the dollar.


Yes, this area takes a lot of abuse, but, your floors will stay cleaner overall if there’s a rug upon entry. Don’t spend money here, think indoor/outdoor or low budget/replaceable when needed. A trick I use is selecting a highly patterned option which is great at hiding any stains or just everyday wear. I also like a rug that doesn’t shed, think polyester vs wool. While we’re talking ground coverage, I also like including some boot trays to keep wet or dirty shoes off surfaces.


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January 30, 2023




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