Love, and the art of bed making

This post is all about the bedroom… 

The time involved.  Getting it just right.  Years of learning turned to skillful execution.   The basics on how to please us.


Our partners, and how they humor us and our crazy.  Daily in most cases.  They know just how much a perfectly made bed with endless rows of perfectly “jujjed” (as a dear friend from Long Island termed it) pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes, makes us feel the right combination of elegant, put together, and even …sexy.  They take note, repeat the process with, sometimes even without us, keep (mostly) their comments to themselves of “why” and the precious amount of time it takes away from the morning when perhaps what they would rather do would involve another hit of the snooze button.  All of this, in an effort of pleasing us.


The bedroom is our haven.  I lecture clients to not start in the main, family or entertaining areas of the home, but to allocate design efforts and resources first in the master bedroom.  Let the first and last thing you see be complete, perfect, engulfing, luxurious.  Exactly what you need to start and end the day.  Whatever this means to you.


To me, a perfectly designed bed is at the center of this space that evokes such emotion.  Layers of softness.  Masculine or feminine, modern or traditional, the layers are the same.  A lightweight coverlet, perfect on it’s own in warmer months, but not too much once paired with a folded duvet and down insert.  I love the height this adds at the foot of the bed creating a sense of landscape.  For pillows, I use king size, always.  For twins, kings and queens, they’re the right size.  On a king, you’ll find two pillows for sleeping, two additional in either shams or additional cases for added support if needed, and then come the accent pillows.  A mix of euro sizes and throw pillows.  Here, the personality of the room shines.  Modern, masculine, feminine, monochromatic…here is where you’ll find the details.  Sometimes it’s a row of three euros and that’s enough.  Other times you’ll find two euros with a lumbar in-between adding varied height and texture. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.29.03 PM.png

Regardless of the design elements and luxurious details you’re drawn to, here’s to a great night’s sleep with your head, and mind, resting softly upon the right layers of bedding.

Inspriation, my social media followers, always asking, and always supportive, thank you!


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November 5, 2019




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