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Where to start with all the walls?!  A frequent dilemma for most and a crucial element to any design. Art and accessories are the jewelry to the outfit, the frosting on the cake, the…you get it. And costs, goodness, price tags on art, especially large scale pieces can soar! So, if you’re like most, you’re finally nearing the end to designing and furnishing your space and now that it’s finally time for those special finishing touches, the budget well may be found dry.  Here are some ideas:

DIY large scale art – While you’re driving past a second hand store, pop in, if you can find an inexpensive framed art/canvas piece, score! A quick stop at the craft store for acrylic paints and some brushes and you have yourself a new masterpiece!  Paint the whole piece one color then let your inner child play! There are no mistakes here.

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Gallery Wall – Though I’m never a fan of “decorating with your family” I do love one spot in your home to hold some treasured prints, in a well designed way.  This can be a mix of sizes or all the same size.  It’s fun to change out over time, just note the frame opening sizes so you know exactly what you need to order. Some retailers even sell the frames as a package with a hanging guide making it really easy. I also love the look of a large scale black and white array. It’s impactful but clean, simple AND AFFORDABLE!


Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 3.03.44 PM.png

Poster Frames – You can find many large scale printing services online at great prices and with keeping budget in mind. I love lining a hallway with large scale poster frames creating a big impact art gallery. Anything framed becomes art. Your child’s work, A series of photos from travel, even dried stems from your garden can be your version of art.

A Holiday Wall is a fun and commitment free way to display holiday memories and décor. With the removable command strips, an everyday hallway is turned into a Holiday accent.  Each year, I order a different sized canvas of our Christmas card (on sale at Such a special way to see our family through the years!

Accents Driftwood, rope and some succulents create an instant living wall display. 

Try a Triptych – Friends had gifted me this stunning lighthouse photo and I wanted to make a BIG impact in the stairway.  Now to find the frame, or in this case FRAMES, IKEA has a great assortment.  I bought three frames, and after some research online, I had it printed to the dimensions of my frames. I measured carefully, cut the piece into thirds and the result was a really special statement piece.



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November 14, 2020




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