Is it Valentine’s day ALREADY?

All of a sudden you realize it’s TODAY and now what? It’s too late to order anything (trust me, I tried). It’s too late to make any sort of fantastic culinary or confection creation (who has the energy right now anyway?!). The reality is there’s still plenty of time to spread the love. So what can we do?

I’m glad you asked. Here are some quick and easy masterpieces. And the best part? You probably have all of the building blocks you need right at home to create them (and if you don’t, your local grocery store will).

For the Kiddos

What is more fun than a pinata overflowing with goodies? A Valentine Pinata! No time to grab some candy? Try filling it with handwritten valentine hearts and DIY confetti out of the scraps.


A balloon(s), flour, water, newspaper, string, masking tape and some craft paint and you have a really fun Valentine activity!

Steps :
1.     Blow up your balloon(s): For this heart, I blew up 2 medium balloons and 1 small one. Then I taped them together to make a heart. You can also do it with just a single balloon (I mean let’s be honest, it’s not about the shape, it’s about the treats anyway!)
2.     Tear strips of newspaper into roughly 1″ x 6″ pieces
3.     Create a mix of flour and water – start off with 1 cup of flour and slowly add water, stirring until you get a consistency of hair conditioner
4.     Dip the newspaper strips into the flour mixture. Remove the excess flour mixture with your fingers. Lay the strips onto the balloon, 3 layers of newspaper is ideal.
5.     Cover the balloon completely except for an area just large enough to put your candy in.
6.     Let it dry overnight or until the entire pinata is dry to the touch
7.     Pour your candy or other treats into the pinata. Make sure it’s not too heavy since you’ll have kitchen string likely holding it up.
8.     Cover the whole with more of your paper strips and flour mixture.
Tape your string in the best spot to hang your pinata and I like to add a few more pieces of your flour/newspaper strips for security
9.     Once it’s dry, paint and decorate. Now you’re ready to have some fun

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 7.07.03 AM.png

For your Lovey

No time, no problem. Hit the grocery story and you’ll have a custom (and deliciously sweet) bouquet in no time flat.


2 dozen flowers, bamboo skewers, favorite wrapped chocolate candy, vase or pitcher, tissue paper (optional) *Designer Tip – pick a single color for your flowers and buy a few various bunches in that single color OR all one flower in one color (and throw out that filler stuff like leaves or Q-tip looking baby’s breath)

Steps :

1.     Trim the flowers. Cut 1″ off the bottom of the flowers to keep the flowers as fresh as possible

2.     Cut tissue paper in 4″ squares. Lay out your squares so you can fill them.

3.     Place a single chocolate in the center of each square.

4.     Pick up the corners of your tissue paper around the chocolate with one hand and pierce the bottom (the tissue paper and chocolate) with the other. Be careful not to go all the way through your chocolate. Tape the bottom.

5.     Arrange your bouquet in your vase and you’re done.

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 7.13.01 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 7.13.21 AM.png

Be My PAL-entine

Flowers and sweets, yes please! An easy and fun DIY reusing items from home. Enjoy baking? Even better! Here’s a very sweet and reuse-able project your pals will love and appreciate.


2 empty tin cans 2 sizes (think condensed soup – 10.5oz and canned tomatoes 14 oz); masking tape, craft paint; small bunch of flowers, sweets or goodies – homemade or storebought

Steps :
1.     Clean out the cans and cover each in 1″ torn pieces of masking tape. No rules here just cover each can entirely.

2.     Now paint! I love creating an ombre effect with three colors, and it’s way easier than it looks. Just blend the colors where they meet. *Designer Tip – Check out an easy ombre tutorial here:

3.     Fill one of the cans with tissue paper and candy or goodies, homemade or store-bought (I LOVE making something special like our family recipe for “Gia’s peanut butter balls” and adding some colored sprinkles on top for holiday flair .)

4.     In the second can, add water and your flowers and you have the sweetest gift any friend will love.

A favorite, are chocolate truffles by Ina Garten

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 8.07.45 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 8.07.51 AM.png

10 Minute Grocery Store Valentine Dinner – Ok, you know who you are and if you find yourself here, don’t fret. You need 1 store, and 10 minutes and follow the steps below and you’ll still hit it out of the park this Valentine’s day.

Supplies :

3 cheeses (1 hard cheese like cheddar, 1 soft like blue, 1 more – I think Parmesan always works); 1 salami roll (or presliced); 1 baguette; hummus; fresh figs and/or berries; a green apple, sliced; dried cherries and/or dates; salted cashews and/or marcona almonds; interesting crackers from the cheese section; olives; honey, real maple syrup, favorite ice cream; wine, champagne or beverage of choice; small bunch of flowers TIP -Just buy what you both like, there’s no wrong selection here

1. Arrange items on a large platter or wood cutting board, placing items in their own designated places – TIP start with placing the three cheeses equally spaced and then fill in with your other ingredients, each ingredient gets their own place keeping it looking organized
2. Take two drink glasses and scoop 2 scoops each with ice cream topping with some crushed nuts and place back in freezer
3. Place flowers in vase
4. Fill an ice bucket half way with ice and cold water and set wine or champagne inside. 5. Take out two glasses and wine opener
6. To serve the ice cream, pour 1 tbsp of maple syrup over nuts and ice cream in each glass and enjoy

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.04.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.05.14 PM.png


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