Layers of Linen(s)

Each Spring, I take a rainy weekend day and do an overhaul on every bed in the house.  Well, today was the day.  I start in the linen closet.  I go through the sheets, the duvets, the inserts, the coverlets, each pillow and pillow case too.  Organizing everything – what needs to be cleaned and what needs to be replaced.  (Secret, I’ve heard you’re “supposed” to replace your pillows each year, that seems a bit much, most pillows can be washed just check your labels!)

Sheets – I like to refold everything, bottom sheet, top sheet, 1 pillow case and then I wrap the stack in the second pillow case.  This stays neat on the shelf (or drawer or basket) and I can can grab the stack for the bed without much thought.  I regularly check for holes or wear and replace when needed.  For kid’s rooms, I stay with easy and inexpensive options, my favorite is on Amazon.

For my room or my guest rooms, I LOVE linen.  It gets softer as it’s washed and is so light and airy.  TIP – remove immediately from the dryer to help with wrinkles.  My favorite luxurious touch – iron the pillowcases with lavender linen water.  This takes minutes and I promise you (and your guests) will thank me!  You can buy it  or better yet, a great DIY (can you say Mother’s Day or teacher’s gift?) 

Jonathan Adler vase shown here from my days AT Martha Stewart Wedding LiSt

Jonathan Adler vase shown here from my days AT Martha Stewart Wedding LiSt

Duvet inserts – I like a hypoallergenic option.  These are washable and can be found at great price points.  I drop them off a few times a year to a laundry center, it’s faster and easier.  Try to find the inserts that have a way to attach the duvet to the insert in the corner which helps keep them in place.  I like the Martha line at Macy’s, her inserts come with loops on them which making the duvet tying quick and easy.

Sham inserts – I like a feather blend.  They have more shape to them and are cozier when you’re using them to prop up be it movie night or AM coffee in bed.  They also hold a good “chop” as we like to style them in the business.

Duvets – I try to have 2 per bed, at least.  I sometimes like seasonal options.  A fur or silk duvet is amazing in the winter and it gets traded out for a light linen duvet in the Spring.  TIP – Always get washable options here.  I try to wash my duvets a few times a month (my dogs of course prefer to sleep on my duvet versus their own dog beds, so….)

Layering – I’m frequently asked what really goes into making a bed and it’s all about the layers.  Everyone sleeps at different temperatures so it’s best to have some options.  A mattress pad, sheets and sleeping pillows (1 for twin beds, 2 for other bed sizes) are the very basic and obvious layers to start with.  I then prefer a medium weight quilt or coverlet with matching shams and pillow inserts, this is a year round base layer for warmth but also the start of how we dress a bed for the style of the room.   Next is the duvet and insert, I like it folded on top of the coverlet so you can see both layers which adds some interest.  Finally, it’s the dress pillows, a mix of Euro shams and decorative pillows in various shapes and sizes and maybe even a fabulous throw blanket just to gild the lily (oh for a Summer afternoon nap!).  Now, that brings great personality to ANY retreat, I mean bedroom.

We spend a lot of time in bed – make is soft, relaxing, comforting and luxurious – and remember, it doesn’t matter the size of your bed or the size of your budget!


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April 3, 2021




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