Find a Reason to celebrate the Season!

I love nothing more than finding something to celebrate, and the first day the Sun was shining and reminding us Winter would eventually end was just the excuse I needed to create a beautiful and breezy beach side set up.

I am beyond fortunate to live on an island surrounded by beautiful beaches, but this set up would work perfectly in a park, a field or even the backyard. It’s all about creating something special with everyday items and bringing some fun to your day.


I wanted to begin with creating a beautiful backdrop, so I decided to make this wooden structure to add height and drama. I took old leftover wood pieces from our backyard fence and a few of the great driftwood pieces we found a few days before on a beach walk. Three screws secured the structure and now I was ready to decorate. The only items I purchased for this entire set up were the two large macrame dream catchers at my local TJMaxx (I needed these for Alex’s upcoming 10th birthday party, stay tuned for more on that Boho Glamping theme!)


Steps for setting up –

I started with some area rugs from around the house plus some large (washable) king quilts. Layering these on the ground provided a soft base. My favorite though was adding faux animal hides from my dining room chairs as a fancy and luxurious touch.

TIP I treat setting a scene like I design homes by layering lots of textures in similar coordinating tones – here it was about taking a design cue from Mother Nature with the tan and ivory tones of the dunes and sand.

These old tables were a total score found a local thrift store. I keep them in the shed for times like this. They’re not precious but elevate any set up. One is a dining table height and the other, coffee table height.

TIP I hunt for wooden wine boxes, they are a great size to stack as you transport your items like the lanterns and dinnerware, but then double as seating or a display perch.

I took an old sheet I used for painting projects and a stained table cloth and tore them into long strips and wrapped around the top driftwood piece. This helped give that breezy boho feel. I strung some of the lanterns with strong fishing line and then hung the dream catchers.

I set the table with washable linen placemats, a paper charger, outdoor melamine dinnerware, mason jars for drinking glasses and soft linen napkins anchored with clamshells found a few feet away – thanks Alex.

TIP I used this woven end table to carry all the linens in and it then doubles as a serving table adding height and texture to our set up.

A giant seashell from my living room proved to be a dramatic and whimsical ice bucket that was certainly in line with our beach theme.

What to serve –

Keep it easy – I like prepping make ahead meals that taste better as they sit at room temperature. Serving a one dish meal also helps with the ease factor. Tonight’s menu was Giada De Laurentiis Italian Tuna Salad. Remember, the point is to have fun not create extra work.

For beverages, one white wine, water, and a sparkling seltzer provide choices without trying to transport a whole bar set up.

TIP elevate the evening by bringing a special cocktail that you make ahead like this pomegranate martini. Just portion out and add ice to serve.

I love mason jars whether it’s to portion out servings, using as drink glasses (like I did here), or my daughter’s favorite, using the mini jars for my French Chocolate mousse portions.

All photography by the amazingly talented Rebecca Love


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March 28, 2021




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