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I had a total blast recently spending a virtual evening with Kit Hoover and Access Hollywood chatting about how I took a storage closet in my house and by adding some easy DIY design features resulted in the cutest and coziest nook.

Whether you live in a house or a 1 bedroom apartment, there’s a good chance you’ve got unused space that’s not being used to its full potential. I took a rainy weekend and attacked my storage closet (imagine floor to ceiling plastic storage bins of who-knows-what). After a solid purge and organizing what was left, I had this blank canvas in front of me.

I started with creating an accent wall. This is an easy and inexpensive way to bring some BIG personality to any space. I decided on a bold pattern of wallpaper but in tones that are found throughout the rest of the house. Best part, this was removable wallpaper. It’s a commitment free way to change up your decor, add some instant style and your room will feel totally new! This can dress up or add character to any space, even if you’re renting – when it’s time to move, simply peel it off. It comes down effortlessly and with no damage to your walls. Traditional wallpaper takes two people and makes a mess. It’s also very expensive where removable paper can be as inexpensive as $15 a roll. Oh, and don’t even ask about removing traditional wallpaper there’s a reason people just kept papering right over old paper! Helping a friend many years ago we had five layers of different papers we were trying to remove.

My tips on hanging removable wallpaper –

I measured the width of my roll and went down the wall left to right marking lines creating a grid to use as a guide as I hung the paper

The first piece will take the longest, take your time and tip, measure your wall top to bottom and give yourself a few extra inches when you cut that first sheet.

When you’re ready to hang it, only peel back a little of the backing at a time using your other hand to smooth as you go (if it’s crooked, just un-peel and start over)

If you have a pattern, before you cut your 2nd piece, match up your patterns at the top so you can measure from where the pattern starts.

Keep peeling and smoothing as you go down the wall and a roller and brush can help stick the seams and smooth out any air bubbles that may occur.

Use a razor blade and a ruler or yard stick to trim the access along your floor or baseboard

Next up was dressing the window in the space. Curtains are a fast and easy way to bring some style to any space. I think it’s important to add a detail that brings your eye up. Furniture is mostly low and curtains add some height to your design. I wanted a few layers for this room giving some light filtration and also some privacy. The privacy sheer was easy. I bought a $5 spring tension rod and a $7 sheer, done. Installing the curtain rod is up next, don’t be scared, with a few easy tips you can hang a curtain rod! No more handyman for something you can you!

My tips for hanging curtains-

Measure twice, drill once. Measure your drapes first, where do they sit on the rod and then you’ll know exactly where the bracket should be mounted. The drapes should just kiss the floor. I like to put the drapes on the rod as well, hold the rod in place and double check my measurement. Again, measure twice, drill once.

Measure for the rod bracket about 4-6″ on either side of your window trim so your drapes con’t block the window when they’re open which also makes your window feel larger.

For a full video guide on tools and step by step guidance, check out my YouTube video here

With the wallpaper and curtains hung, it’s now time to accessorize the space. I wanted a cozy feel so I took an accent chair from my office, added an accent pillow and super soft throw blanket. These are stylish touches adding texture and personality, but also useful accents. Next was a rug. A rug adds so much texture and personality to a space and there are so many budget friendly options out there now. I like keeping the rug neutral so it works even if I change some of the area room’s elements like the drapes or pillows seasonally. I have a wooden storage box as an end table. This is interesting but also useful to organize items I don’t want on display while keeping them easily accessible. Baskets are great for storing items as I like mixing open and closed storage options for interest. Lastly a small drink table, a leather ottoman topped with a hide bring more texture and interest into the space and finish off this perfect nook.

Watch the segment here!


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March 17, 2021




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