Why you should bring along a designer!

Recently, I was asked to join ‘Your Future Home’ on Cheddar.com to discuss why home shoppers might want to consider bringing an interior designer along on your property hunt and also some common renovations to consider for your new space.

Q- How can bringing an interior designer along to property walkthroughs be beneficial to buyers, especially in a hot housing market?

A – Sometimes it can be hard for buyers to picture their dream home in a potential space. An interior designer will help you see beyond what decor or finishes may be holding you back, and help you re-imagine the space with your design sense in mind. Paint, wallpaper, window treatments, these are all “quick-fixes” and interior designers can help you talk though that.

Q – What should buyers consider about the structure of any potential space?

A – he structure of a home is not as easy to change as decor, unless you have a large renovation budget. The elements you can change more easily are flooring, paint and the addition of some windows.

Q- What are the most impactful areas to spend your money to both fulfill your needs and protect your investment for future resale?

A -Kitchen and bathroom projects are some of the most common home renovations, though also the most expensive and time consuming . It’s important to consider changes that you love, but that will also resonate with the widest amount of potential future buyers. Cabinetry colors, countertop materials, tile, and flooring are all areas you want to standardize. Personalization can come in other areas like with light fixtures, paint, wallpaper, furniture and decor.

Q- Do you have any tips on where to start with these renovations?
A – Changing up paint, lighting and furniture accents are some of the most important and simple ways to customize your home.

  • Add texture for neutral personality

  • Think layers (pillows, throws, window treatments)

  • Add lamps on surfaces with a few personal items

  • Consider how and where to place family photographs.

Q – What should new homeowners consider about these accents?

A – tart with a neutral palette. Use accents to dress up the spaces. Think of lighting and accessories as the jewelry to the outfit. These are the finishes touches to your space.

Q – How should homeowners handle scale and finding items that fit their new home?
A – Consider what items you will bringing with you. If you have a baby grand piano that will be moving with you, make sure you are looking at homes that can comfortably house those items. Next, utilize the complimentary design services most furniture houses offer. There are also some great online apps that help you scale out the space and furniture you’re considering.


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May 12, 2021



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