Where to start with all the walls?! A frequent dilemma for most and a crucial element to any design. Art and accessories are the jewelry to the outfit, the frosting on the cake, the…you get it. And costs, goodness, price tags on art, especially large scale pieces can soar! So, if you’re like most, you’re finally nearing the end to designing and furnishing your space and now that it’s finally time for those special finishing touches, the budget well may be found dry.

November 14, 2020


We are beyond grateful to call this special island 30 miles off the coast “home”. Be it on Nantucket or beyond, creating a one-of-kind look for your design project that both interprets and compliments your setting and your style is our goal. 

For more than 20 years, Kristy and her team have been taking their design and building experience up and down the coast - learning destinations and understanding clients to design picturesque yet practical retreats from the everyday.

Nantucket Interior designer and lover of all things home, based on a faraway island 30 miles out to sea

I'm Kristy

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